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A House Full Of Men by Parinda Joshi


Rating – 4 / 5

Genre: Family drama

Pages: 354

Publisher: Harper Collins

Did I tell you?

I still think of you

Of you, of me, of those scattered, subline moments of togetherness

Of that longing… within me, within you

I’ve tried to build new relationships atop those shattered hopes

Crumbling, their only destiny

You seem distant now, frigid universes between our breaths

But your memory still warms me up, tears me apart

I am happy, content even, when the morning hues come gushing in

Alas when the night rolls along, I sit by the fire

Alone amid the noise

Pretending to just be, my eyes searching for a figment of you in those flames

Reminiscing, fancying

The flames burn fierce, mocking my desires

And occasionally a tear trails down

I wipe it gently, wishing away the traces

Can you hear me?

Feel my yearning, my remorse, my ache?

I now know

And you ought to, as well

Of all my acts unworthy of forgiveness

The most awful one is that

I let you go


Twenty-five-year-old Kittu has left Lucknow only on two occasions in her life. The first trip involved the last rites of her grandmother. The second involved a wedding, thankfully, but she returned home to her mother's funeral. She has never forgiven her mother for leaving her alone in a house full of men. Is there anyone at home she can share her deepest thoughts with? Anyone who can lend an ear to her endless relationship issues, manic obsessions and simple aspirations? Who's got the time? Kittu might live in a full house, but sometimes, she feels like she's all alone in the world. A House Full of Men is a novel about false starts and failed attempts, love and the importance of being understood.

Title/ Cover –

The title is quite interesting and the cover is so vibrant. The cover shows a woman wearing the sandals beside the shoes rack where everything the vibes of males living in the house (the shoes, slipper, cricket bat, dumbbells, etc.)

Storyline –

It is about a shy, non- talkative girl who doesn’t know how to express herself to her family. Her emotions are all over the place. She feels like she’s all alone in the world. Kritidhara loving know as (Kittu) a twenty-five years old girl a lone woman in the whole family; who lives with her grandfathers, father, brothers, and a cute dog. In her whole life is left Lucknow twice but both times she lost someone from her life. First her grandmother and then her own mother. After her mother's died she was all alone in the Pant family. She had never forgiven her mother for leaving her alone in a house full of men. But Kittu managed herself and her family well despite the hurdle of growing up.

Will Kittu can share her deepest thought with anyone?

Will anyone ever can lend an ear to Kittu's endless relationship issues, manic obsessions, and aspiration?

Conclusion –

It was a roller-coaster reading of all the time. Readers who are female can understand the emotions of Kittu when she finds it difficult to express herself in situations; where she can’t able to explain to her brothers about the health condition she is having on a particular monthly. The story is full of family relationships, family drama, insecurities, love, emotions, and heartbreak.

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