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Death of A Distract Magistrate By Nachi

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Rating –4/5

He shed a lake of blood and murdered a kind for a cold, lonely throne.’

- Jayne Castel

Book Synopsis:

The death by gunshot of a powerful and controversial District Magistrate brings in the idealistic and puritanical DSP Arjun Iyer to the District Magistrate's residence, where his large joint family lives. It seems like a suicide at first glance, but is really one?

And if it isn't, then...

Along with his assistant, the deeply loyal but irascible, devil-may-care Inspector Munuswamy, DSP Arjun leaves no stone unturned in investigating the case where surprise upon labyrinthine surprise awaits them until they arrive at the final conclusion.


The title sounds so intriguing. The cover is pretty amazing. I love reading mystery and spooky reads. I can’t help but pick up the thrilling books to read. The story opens up in the state of Tamil Nadu, where DSP Arjun was having an awful day and has a mountain of paperwork to deal with.

The story lingered around the death magistrate. He was found dead in his residence, where he lives with his large joint. As DSP Arjun and his constable, Munswamy investigate, they almost conclude that it is a suicide case.

However, Arjun gets a call from a woman who informs him that the District Magistrate was not committed suicide. It was a cold-blooded murder.

This superb murder mystery has it all; an intriguing plot, realistic investigation scenarios, astonishing deductions, peculiar interactions between the investigating officers, and a dreadful discovery at the end of the story.

The story was quite interesting filled with a lot of plot twists and intriguing. The language used also is easy and lucid.

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