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Incognito by Vibha Batra


Rating – 3/5


Aarav is on the run. From a gun-toting, trigger happy, bloodthirsty mobster, no less. That’s right, a dreaded gangster has sworn revenge, like, on his entire family. Forcing them to go into hiding. Which means, bye bye school, friends, old life! And no cell phone, no laptop, no iPad, no FB, no Snapchat, no Instagram, no Wii, nothing. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, he has to assume a whole new identity. That wouldn’t be so bad - things were pretty sucky at school, anyway. Except, he has to pretend to behold your breath - a girl.

Now Aarav may be the best actor around (and not just compared to his mom and brothers), but a girl? To make matters worse, he has the World’s Biggest Crush on his employer’s cute daughter, while the pesky son digs, ahem, him. With a dangerous criminal hot on his heels and a startling discovery that throws light on his father’s unsolved death, things only promise to get more complicated. Will Aarav’s cover gets blown sky high or will this go down as the role of a lifetime? Will he manage to escape incognito or will he be finito?

Title/ Cover –

The title is quite incredible. The cover is fascinating and gives the vibes of something dramatic, fun is going to happen.

Storyline –

It's about Aarav Pandey and his big dream of becoming a super-duper Bollywood blockbuster actor. But his biggest fear is losing his family member. After Aarav father’s passed away, his family become paranoid whenever anyone from the family falls sick. All he wishes for his family to be remain okay. He was desperately waiting for the results of the Drama Club auditions but unfortunately, Raghav got selected instead of Aarav. He felt the earth swallows the floor from his feet. He is in shock, stunned, and speechless all together at the same time. He looks towards his friends and expects the scene to dissolve, the way it happened in dreams. Suddenly things take a dangerous turn when the Pandey family hears that their lives are in danger. The whole family is in a state of panic and who can blame us?

Conclusion –

It feels like a typical Bollywood-style movie book. There is drama, romance, dance, action, suspense, and lots of fun as if you are watching a movie instead of reading. It is a good book to read for Bollywood lovers but unfortunately, it is not the book for me.

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Book Buy Link: https://www.amazon.in/Incognito-Lights-Undercover-Vibha-Batra/dp/8195291325/

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