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Pokhran - A Novel

|Book Review|

I believe the founding principles- life, liberty, and level playing field- that the six of you developed and agreed to in the closed room are the right ones to form the basis for building a progressive society in Pokhran.

“Covert Discrimination- can we ever get rid of it?”

By only reading the title of the book, you all can make out the story is based on the nuclear test coded “Smiling Buddha” conduct in Pokhran, Rajasthan in 1974.

Some interesting facts about the Pokhran nuclear test

1) Pokhran nuclear test is popularly known by the code name “Smiling Buddha” but there is another code name for the test “Peaceful Nuclear Explosion”.

2) It was India’s one of the proudest moments.

3) Pokhran nuclear test plans had come around 1974 by VP Singh and Rajeev Gandhi and had received the approval of Narshima Rao, but the whole process had to be stopped because it was caught by the spy CIA satellites.

Chaitanya sets on a journey to expose the truth with Zara by his side, he is sure to bring justice to his people. But when fate snatches Zara away from him, he is consumed by revenge. Undeterred by threats, he embarks on a mission that takes him from the deserts of Pokhran to those of Syria and into the halls of MIT.

Chaitanya our protagonist was born in 1975 exactly after one year of the nuclear experiment took place. He was not born in normal healthy condition due to the effect of the radiation he was born with certain physical disabilities. The radiation fallout after the nuclear test was hidden by the media and government. This had many side effects and the newborn was disabled.

Chaitanya was one of those children which got affected by the nuclear test. The story is not focused fully on Pokhran nuclear test but it is more focused on life in Chaitanya.

The story is a good read but the pace was quite fast.

The characters are well developed.

The cover is beautifully designed.

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