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Rama & the Palace of Evil by Liana Yadav


Rating – 4/5

But Ravana had taught him that every good thing had a destructive side too. And even though he wanted to disagree with him, tell him not everything was evil, he could never gather the courage to say it.


Evelyn is kidnapped in the dead of the night by a ten-headed monster. When Maahir decides to find her, he learns that evil in the form of Ravana has taken rebirth and now the epic fight must be repeated. Plagued by demons of his own, Maahir sets off on a dangerous path along with Camila, a Greek demi-god with special powers.

But what Maahir doesn’t know is that Camila and Evelyn have a history of their own. With Gods relying on him heavily, he gathers forces to form an invincible army; while Evelyn comes face-to-face with Ravana’s vengeful son. To save the world and themselves, Maahir, Evelyn and Camila will have to risk everything.

Title/ Cover –

The title of this book made me remember the story of Ramayana especially the word ‘Ten Headed Monster’. This is the second mythology book of this month which I picked to read. And I can confidently say that I don’t regret picking it. The cover is eye- catching and fabulous.

Storyline –

The scene opens in Maahir’s room a sixteen-year-old boy who was sleeping peacefully till his alarm rang and he groaned in his sleep. He woke up, took a hot shower, and dressed himself to leave his room. He then greeted his mother and while having a conversation his mother got interrupted by a call. His mother received a call from the police. Aditi told Maahir that his friend Evelyn is missing. The police call Maahir to come in for questioning at Evelyn’s house. Maahir hurriedly left his house to go to Evelyn’s house. Evelyn’s mysterious disappearance shock Maahir and he took the responsibility to bring Evelyn back safe and sound. Unaware of the fact that he is not fighting with some random human for kidnapping Evelyn. He needs to fight against a Monster.

Conclusion –

The flawless mixture of mythology and thriller. This was a great read that kept me engaged throughout. If you are a fan of mystery, thriller, and mythology, then this should be on your TBR. If not, then you will most likely fall in love with this genre. Exploring something new is a great way to open yourself.

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