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The Fragile Thread of Hope

|Book Review|

“I was standing

All alone against the world outside

You were searching

For a place to hide

Lost and lovely

Now you’ve given me the will to survive.

When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive.”

This read was different from the last one. I read full of emotions, love, lose faith and most importantly hope which we all need in your life to keep yourself up while dealing with a hard time.

“If thousands of tears could make a pathway to heaven, then I’d shed trillions to build a stairway, and if memories were a lane, I’d walk all the way just to bring you back… ”

The story starts from the present time where Fiona coming back to her hometown with her husband Soham. Fiona completely mesmerized with the hilltops of Gangtok for her Gangtok is not less than a paradise. She realized that nothing can beat the feeling of returning home no matter where you stay you will always return back home sooner or later. While returning back their car got hit by another car Fiona got a hard hit on her head soon she lost consciousness.

Can Fiona and Soham overcome their grief?

Will the overwhelming pain destroy their lives?

The storyline is divided into two time frames past and present time.

Both the main character Fiona and Soham had a terrifying past which is still haunting them till now.

The characters are well crafted.

The character of Sharon is amazing something I like the most.

The narration was slow-paced but smooth for the readers as it gives time to the readers to connect with the characters.

The cover is eye-catching it showed up two figures who are probably having a hard time but then they are not willing to give up.

A ray of hope is always present around us we just need to open our eyes and see it.

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