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The Silent Patient

|Book Review|

Murderous rage, homicidal rage, is not born in the present. It originates in the land before the memory, in the world of early childhood, with abuse and mistreatment at a young age, which builds up a charge over the years until it explodes- often at the wrong target.

𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 – 5 🌟 /5 🌟

Title/ Cover –

The title of the book got my attention in the first place. I pick this book up because of the title. The cover of the book is simple and shows the chairs kept in the hospital room.

Storyline –

Alicia Berenson, an artist, and a wife. She can't bear the thought of worrying about her husband or give him any pain. Alicia has been feeling depressed. She thought she was doing an excellent job of hiding it from her husband, Gabriel. But he noticed everything. He asked Alicia how the painting was going. As Alicia was having trouble finishing her painting. She said it wasn't going great. Gabriel suggested Alicia maintain a journal. She writes in her diary as a release, an outlet, and to prove to her beloved husband that everything is fine. Until late one evening, Alicia shoots Gabriel five times and then never speaks another work after that day.

Conclusion –

In a nutshell, this book is fantastic. A thrilling read with a worthy ending to the story. I like Alicia's character even though she was considered a murderer in the eyes of society and the law.

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