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The Tenth Riddle by Sapan Saxena


Rating – 4/5

“A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer”


The Princess of Goner dies in mysterious circumstances while her killer is absconding. Why was she killed the very night she became the queen? What was the secret her family was hiding? A local politician, a bestselling author, and an investigating officer join hands and set on a course to solve one of the biggest historical secrets of all times as they try to unlock a daunting ancient mystery, piece by piece. A prophecy made up of ten riddles, a powerful secret and the wires of the murder tangling endlessly, with one end lost deep in the enchantments of sacred feminism of Hindu mythology. Will they be able to solve the ten riddles and unravel the ancient secrets of Adishakti?

Title/ Cover –

The title of the book got my attention in the first place. I pick this book up because of the title. The title sends the vibes of some mystery that is going to unfold in this book. One of the most important parts is that the title fits well with the novel and is a good read for people who are new to reading. It's a great read for people who love stories that are filled with imagination.

Storyline –

Mystery without solving any riddle is like taking the spices out of the dish and leaving it tasteless. The opening of the story is spectacular where it has showed that the girl was screaming for help. She made all the attempts to shout, she banged her fists on the heavy door till they hurt and started to bleed. She then remembered about her inhaler as she was running out of her breaths but her attempts failed as her lifeless body fell on the ground; the inhaler fell down and broke into pieces beside her lifeless body. Interesting isn’t it? Who was this girl? How did she end up in that room? All these questions gave birth to the mystery and riddle that need to be solved while digging deep in the book.

Conclusion –

It is an interesting and intriguing story. The language used also is easy and lucid. The mystery is solved using the mythology of Hinduism which is quite a rare thing.

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