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What the Eyes See

|Book Review|

This book is an epic read of this month. I truly love him reading this book. “What The Eyes See” by Nitya Ravi is a collection of 7 dark, creepy short stories filled with horror.

What the eyes see sends a message to the readers that what we generally see is not always true. The reality is different from what we perceive from the behavior of the other person. The reality is always different from what we comprehend.

The flow of the story is great. All the stories are different from one other but the concept is the same to show the true side of the other person. All the characters are well crafted. The characters show the lovely, goody side to their close one but they all have a deep darker side hidden inside their hearts.

The Dreamcatcher is the story of two cousins both are the girl who grows up together as well as they are best friends. Aishwarya who consider a lucky girl since childhood for her parents. She grew up to a beautiful, intelligent, and kind woman. Her best friend Aarti also her cousin who came back to India for a short vacation before Aishwarya’s wedding. Before leaving back for US Aarti gifted a Dreamcatcher to Aishwarya as a good wish for her future but her intention was darker than the ocean.

Well, I don’t want to give any spoiler. So I hope you all will enjoy reading.

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